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Ancient Crop Circles (Photos) Parched English Fields Reveal Ancient Sites

Aug 31, 2010

Parched English fields now reveal ancient crop circle sites due to the early dry summer and that has allowed experts to take advantage to file new pictures of 'cropmark sites.'
Banner Year for Study of Crop Circles in UK.

Banner Year for Study of Crop Circles in UK.

Aerial photos are abundant of the ancient crop circles as hundreds of archaeological sites left buried for centuries were revealed this summer thanks to weeks of dry weather conditions early in the summer season.

Britain's dry early summer has made 2010 a "vintage year for archaeology" with crop marks revealing several hundred new sites, according to English Heritage.


Dave MacLeod, an English Heritage senior investigator based in York, said: ''It's hard to remember a better year."

The UK Telegraph has more details and notes that MacLeod added: "Cropmarks are always at their best in dry weather, but the last few summers have been a disappointment."


This summer is obviously different. The Daily Mail reveals researchers hope to discover new sites after examining the photographs taken this summer.

They have lots of photos snapped from a Cessna light aircraft.


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