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Angela Siler-Fisher Confronts Mistress with Lipstick Message, Condoms (Video) Doctor Love Triangle

By Staff
Dec 7, 2013
Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher

Dr. Angela Siler-Fisher is charged with criminal trespass and harassment in a case in Houston, Texas where she claims her husband (Dr. Brandon Fisher) was having an affair with another radiology doc, Dr. Marcelle Mallery.

The story reads like a Lifetime movie plot as the NY Daily News reveals Siler-Fisher "took revenge at the home of her husband's mistress," and "reportedly also left a trail of unused condoms leading up the woman's steps."

The paper also reveals the scorned wife is accused of writing "whore" and "homewrecker" in red lipstick on the victim's bathroom mirror.

Video surveillance cameras reportedly captured the irate doctor entering and leaving the woman's house.

She kicked in the dog door to gain entry, police say.

Siler-Ficher was taken into custody but has since posted bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Harris County District Court on December 11.

Siler-Fisher is the medical director at Ben Taub Hospital's Emergency Center and is also a professor at Baylor College of Medicine.

A spokesman for Bayor College said in a statement: 'We understand that this is a private matter for Dr. Fisher and does not impact her work at Baylor College of Medicine.'

Watch the video below for more information - there are also accusations she threatened the woman accused of being the mistress in the love triangle.

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