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Biggest Lottery Jackpots of All-Time (Top 5) - Mega Millions Lottery Soars Before Friday's Drawing

Mar 28, 2012

What are the biggest lottery jackpots of all time? See the top five jackpots cashed in by lottery winners below.

The latest Mega Millions game did not have a lucky winner Tuesday, sending the jackpot to a record $476 million for the next drawing.

Some estimate the lottery jackpot could reach $500 million by Friday.

Even if it stays around the $476 million jackpot mark - that will smash the earlier Mega Millions jackpot record, which occured in 2007 when the grand prize hit $390 million.

The Los Angeles Times notes that if you are fortunate enough to win the Mega Millions on Friday, you have two options for collecting your cash.

The first is the gimme-all-my-money-now option. Mega Millions pays a one-time lump sum. The cash option for the Friday drawing as it stands at this moment is $341 million.

The second option is to have your Mega Millions jackpot paid out over 26 years. For every $1 million in the jackpot, you will receive approximately $38,500 per year before taxes.

Good luck and check the list below for the top five jackpots of all-time.

Top 5...

1. $476 million, Mega Millions, for March 27, 2012, lottery. Cash: $341 million.

2. $390 million, Mega Millions, won March 6, 2007, by 2 tickets, in Georgia and New Jersey. Cash payout: $233.1 million.

3. $380 million, Mega Millions, won Jan. 4, 2011, drawing, in Idaho and Washington State. Cash payout: $240 million.

4. $365 million, Powerball, won Feb. 18, 2006, in Nebraska. Cash: $177.3 million (10). Record annuity for Powerball, record annuity with a single winner for any U.S. lottery.

5. $363 million, Big Game, won May 9, 2000, by 2 tickets, in Illinois and Michigan. Cash: $180 million (9).


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