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Bride to Be Susanne Eman Eats 20,000 Calories Per Day (Video) - 800 Pounds and Counting

May 12, 2012
Susanne is already 800 pounds and growing and will be one of the heaviest brides ever and her husband to be is a chef!

Susanne Eman is engaged to be married and on a wedding day diet like no other - she says though she doesn't count calories she eats probably 20,000 calories per day.

While most brides are looking to shed pounds and inches to get that wedding gown to look just right, Susanne is eating like crazy and piling on the pounds and inches - everywhere.

Watch the video below.

She is already 800 pounds and growing and will be one of the heaviest brides ever and her husband to-be is a chef.

Huff Po muses, "luckily, Eman found love recently with Parker Clack, a 35-year-old chef she met on the Internet, and she is having fun getting ready for the big day."

Inside Edition recently filmed her trying on her wedding dress.

"I want to go sleeveless because it's going to be summer time," said Eman.

Her her waist size...107 and-a-half inches. That's nine feet around!

Seamstress Judy Goff has to use about 45 feet of fabric to make the dress for the Arizona native.

For the dress Eman told Inside Edition, "I like an off-whitish, not completely white. Because if I wear completely white, I guarantee I'm going to spill something on it."

Her final goal...

She is currently on a quest to become the fattest woman ever, aiming to beat the 1200 pound mark once held by Rosalie Bradford.

Bradford is no longer a threat for the record, she died in 2006.

According to the UK Daily Mail, her doctor feels she may suffer the same fate.

He doesn't agree with "his patient's mission, but Ms. Eman believes she can reach her target weight without endangering her life and worrying about her two sons," the report adds.

(Image: Inside Edition)


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