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Duct-Taped Students Photo on Facebook May Get Teacher in Ohio Fired, Overreaction from School?

By Staff
Jan 22, 2013
Cairns spends much of her time outside of the classroom speaking out against domestic violence.

A teacher who posted a photo of duct-taped students on her Facebook page may be fired over the prank.

The incident started when a student asked for tape to fix a binder and Melissa Cairns, a math teacher at Buchtel Community Learning Center gave the girl a roll of duct tape, but rather than use it on her binder, the student cut a piece of tape, placed it over her mouth and laughed.

So - according to the report from News Channel 5 in Cleveland, the student placed the duct tape over her own mouth.

"The other kids in the class thought it was funny also, and they proceeded to pass the tape and scissors around the class. The students, the majority of the class, ended up putting a piece of duct tape across their mouth," Cairns explained.

Melissa then took a picture and posted it on her Facebook page.

A caption under the picture read: "Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!"

An Akron Public Schools district spokesperson, Sarah Hollander, said another employee noticed the photo on Facebook and alerted a supervisor.

Cairns then took the picture down, but it was too late, the school sought to discipline her.

Now they want to fire her.

The Akron Public Schools Board of Education voted on Jan. 14 to pursue the termination of Cairns and she has to answer by Jan. 26.

The board will vote on whether to terminate Cairns on Jan. 28.

Is it an overreaction?

The teacher said she obviously meant no harm.

"I would never in a million years do anything to harm students," Cairns said.

CS Monitor notes that "Ironically, Cairns spends much of her time outside of the classroom speaking out against domestic violence. She organizes a marathon in Kent called "On My Own Two Feet", which benefits local women's shelters."

(Image: Facebook)


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