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Ikea Monkey in Coat (Pics, Video) Shopping in Toronto, Canada

By Staff
Dec 10, 2012
Monkey at Ikea in a Coat

Check out the photo above and the video below of a little monkey caught 'shopping' at an Ikea store in Toronto, Canada.

The Ikea monkey is an instant social media darling for the Christmas shopping season.

Yahoo News notes:

"The animal's adventures promptly went viral, inspiring at least one spoof Twitter account , while Ikea and the hashtag #ikeamonkey were both trending among users of the social networking site in Toronto."

CBC's Bronwyn Page was a witness to the monkey's antics and revealed:

"We saw a crowd of people surrounding a small animal, and we quickly realized it was a monkey wearing a coat and a diaper. That was pretty bizarre," Page said in a radio interview.

"It was running between people. They were trying to call it towards them. It was really scared. They were trying to get away from cars. We realized it didn’t belong to any of those people."

It appears the little monkey is back with its owner - the 'rhesus macaque' was reunited with its owner and handed over to the city's animal services department, according to the report.

His trip lives on online. (watch the video below).


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