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In-N-Out Cook Reddit Confessions (Photos) Check Out this Burger!

By Staff
Mar 1, 2013
Yummy! A bacon burger, animal fries topped with torn up burger patties and bacon, topped with Famous Dave's BBQ sauce

In-N-Out cook Reddit confessions - what was revealed?

According to Huff Po, in an "Ask Me Anything" forum on, an In-N-Out Burger cook who uses the name "dravila9" on Redditt told online readers what he and co-workers did in Arizona after hours at the famous drive-in burger joint.

"dravila9" is from Arizona and the report reveals that he went into detail about the "myriad ways he and his co-workers hack the kitchen after-hours by coming up with their own combinations or bringing in their own special ingredients."

But there will really no wild stories, all of this was after hours and sounds delicious.

"Took bacon in to cook after closing and it really changes everything," wrote dravila9. "Sweet Jesus it was the greatest thing I've ever had!" he said of his bacon creations.

Check out the pic above that is one of dravila9's creations, a bacon burger and animal fries topped with torn up burger patties and bacon, smothered in Famous Dave's BBQ sauce. Story continues below.

Huff Po adds that In-N-Out Burger came out looking great.

"Almost every answer dravila9 gave also doubled as another reason to love the 65-year-old Southern California chain restaurant. Does he ever get to take food home? Not much besides leftover produce, says dravila9, because all their burgers are cooked to order. Is laundry a drag? Nope, because In-N-Out provides workers with clean shirts and aprons every day.

Also noteworthy are the incredible benefits and high-starting pay for In-N-Out workers, uncommon for fast food workers. Starting at the bottom means earning $10 per hour, and part-timers get dental and vision benefits as well as a life insurance policy. Full-time workers get medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance benefits."

Do you eat at In-N-Out Burgers?


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