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Michelle Obama Hawaii Wardrobe Controversy (Video)

Jan 2, 2012
Michelle has been criticized for her wardrobe since 2009.

Michelle Obama has a nice looking wardrobe for her 17-day vacation to Hawaii with husband President Barack Obama and some critics are furious that her outfits cost too much.

How expensive are they?

ABC News reveals a white sundress she recently wore in Hawaii with red and yellow stripes was designed by a French woman, Sophie Theallet, and the pricey duds, "would have cost the first lady almost $2,000 when she bought it in 2009."

The report adds that "for the meet-and-greet with service members and their families in a nearby mess hall later in the day, Mrs. Obama dressed down — in a printed green $950 Comme des Garcons skirt with bag waist."

This is too expensive for some as comments have claimed she is now out of touch.

Watch a video below for a look at the First Lady's fashion.

The UK Daily Mail has photos of the Michelle Obama Hawaii Wardrobe here.

More on the controversy here at ABC.

The First Lady can't seem to catch a break from critics, the attack on her wardrobe choices follows a shot at the size of her rear end last week.

Karen Diaz earlier noted that Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis. said of Michelle Obama, "She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself."

Sensenbrenner also said Mrs. Obama has a "big butt" during a recent appearance in his district.

More on his rude attack here.


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