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New Hampshire Student Nipple Clamp Zap: Blames Teacher, Warn of Dangers?

Sep 1, 2010

A New Hampshire student used a nipple clamp to zap himself with an electrical shock and may have "permanent brain damage" and will now sue. It happened at school and he blames the teacher and claims the school should warn of the dangers of electricity and nipple clamps.

Kyle Dubois is the student and he will sue teacher Thomas Kelley (the teacher has resigned) and the school and others. The accident happened in shop class in March.


WBZTV reported the incident this way at that time:

"School superintendent John O'Connor said 18-year-old Kyle Dubois was working on circuitry when he was shocked Thursday morning. He is part of the electrical trade program at Dover High. Dubois, a junior and a standout hockey player, was handling alligator clips to build the circuits when at least 90 volts surged through his body.

He was knocked unconscious. "The student immediately passed out, went to the floor, our staff, the teacher, a student that was involved immediately started to perform CPR," said O'Connor. Dubois was rushed to the hospital."


He lived and now the Union Leader reveals Dubois and his parents claim the teacher did not warn Kyle and other students how badly hurt they could be by electrical demonstration cords in their electrical trades class.

The paper adds: "According to a suit filed in Strafford County Superior Court, Kelley encouraged Kyle to shock himself, even offering a Mountain Dew in exchange for doing so."

The teacher denies offering the soda for the shock, but Fox News reports he has declined to comment on the lawsuit.


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