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Patti Davis Nude at 58 - Janice Dickinson Takes it Off at 56, Too!

May 21, 2011

Patti Davis wants you to see her nude body again. The daughter of the late Ronald Reagan stripped all off for Playboy in 1994 and this time disrobes for More Magazine.

She writes in an accompanying article:

"I knew, given my reputation as the rebellious First Daughter (although my father was out of office by then), that I’d get criticized for doing Playboy, but I didn’t care."

"I wasn’t doing this to spite my parents; I was doing it for me. This was my victory lap."

She continues:

"This was standing naked in front of the world when it was a miracle that I was even still in the world. I am proof that it isn’t that easy to die, because from the age of 15, well into my twenties, I was working on dying. Most addicts are."

More details.

56-Year Old Janice Dickinson, Too!

Leslie Warren reveals the world's first supermodel goes full frontal in an online photograph showing a variety of procedures.

(Image: WENN)


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