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Paul Mason, 644 Pounds Weight Loss (Video) Before and After Photos Document the Feat

By Staff
Feb 8, 2013
Paul Mason

Paul Mason was once the World's fattest man, but has lost 644 pounds after a gastric bypass surgical procedure and is down to about 330 pounds.

The only way for a person to lose that much weight is to be really heavy to begin with and the former British postal worker fit the bill, once tipping the scales at an astonishing 980 pounds!

The massive weight loss after his surgery is documented by a photographer who captures Mason’s remarkable transformation in a series of before-and-after pictures.

"I have nothing but admiration for Paul's courage, determination, and steadfast aim to get his body once more back in the shape it should be,” says photographer Paul Nixon.

"I have watched Paul literally shrink before my eyes."

According to a Yahoo Health report, it was the need for a hernia operation in 2002 that sparked Mason’s journey toward his 644 pound weight loss.

They note that Mason used to be so heavy that he was unable to leave his room.

"When he needed a hernia operation in 2002, the fire department had break down the front wall of his home and load him into an ambulance with a forklift. At that time, he weighed 784 pounds."

He later pushed his weight to the top at a reported 980 pounds.

But with surgery, the 6’ 4” former postal worker is down to 336 pounds, he’s hoping for a second chance at a normal life.

Read more here on his struggle to keep the weight off and his hopes of getting another surgery.

He hopes to get rid of the more than 100 pounds of loose skin that he was left with after dropping more than a quarter ton of weight by going under the knife.

However, the operation costs $47,000 and Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) will have to foot the bill.

The report notes they have already spent $1.5 million on his care.

Watch a video below for more information on Paul's struggles with his weight.


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