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Rodney King, Cynthia Kelly Wedding (Photo) Victim to Marry Juror

Sep 8, 2010

Rodney King, Cynthia Kelly Wedding - Rodney King once won a civil damages award of nearly $4 million from the city of Los Angeles for injuries he sustained in a brutal beating by police.
Rodney King.

Rodney King.

Now he is marrying one of the women that awarded him that money, and some report reveal she was key to pushing for millions for King.


"She is a godsend, a blessing in my life," King told Radar Online. The website reported that he's asked Kelly to marry him. Mr. King tells the gossip website with the breaking news format: "I can't wait to make her my wife!"

The website reveals the wife-to-be is "juror number five - who pushed to award King a $3.8 million payout in a civil case against the city of Los Angeles."


See a photo of the happy couple from Radar. A report from the NY Post claims "other jurors said her devotion to King's side played a big role in the decision" to award the crime victim $3.8 million.

King was filmed in March 1991 by a bystander as he was being beaten with clubs and television stations broadcast the amateur videotape of LAPD officers clubbing the unarmed King.

He received the money in a lawsuit filed against the city.


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