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Ronald McDonald and Retirement - Group Protests, Wants Icon Out

Apr 1, 2010

Should Ronald McDonald have to retire? Protesters have called for Ronald McDonald's retirement and a group, Corporate Accountability Intl., says Ronald McDonald is fueling childhood obesity. Now the Boston-based nonprofit is planning a retirement party today at a McDonald's in downtown Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.

KSAX has video and adds that the group is one of the participants that "helped do away with other corporate characters like Joe Camel, Spuds MacKenzie and the Marlboro Man."


The latest goal - end Ronald's 50-year run as corporate spokesman. Group member Sarah Holzgraf said, "Ronald McDonald has been marketing to kids and getting kids hooked on unhealthy product at a young age."

Fat chance? According to the report a "branding expert" named Jim Williams says chances are slim McDonalds will give Ronald the boot.

He said, "It's a great marketing strategy--a clown icon is something that kids love and represents fun.


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