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Sketchers Controversy (Watch Video) Daddy'$ Money Ad from Skechers

By Staff
Feb 28, 2013
Daddy'$ Money ad controversy

Sketchers fields controversy over new ad - watch the Daddy'$ Money ad from Skechers below in video from YouTube, is it a sexist ad?

The company is being targeted by some Moms online as being sexist because of their new shoe campaign.

Those who are upset say the new shoe line seems to suggest pre-teen and teenage girls can use their wares to make daddy buy them the new high-heeled wedge sneaker line, called "Daddy'$ Money," or worse, the ads may suggest the girls seek a sugar daddy for their new Skechers.

The shoes have a secret wedge that gives girls a little extra height and some wild names that also have some online bloggers upset.

The names of the each of the shoe styles are -- "Gimme Kisses" (lips), "Gimme Wicked" (leopard-print), "Gimme Starry Skies" (stars) and just plain "Gimme" (flowers, of course) "

According to Huff Po, Julianna W. Miner, a mom of three who blogs at Rants From, was outraged.

Joslyn Gray at Babble is equally furious and their responses are here.

Watch the video below.

Skechers said the outrage is unwarranted and the ad campaign is intended to be fun and lighthearted.

(Image: Skechers)


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