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Spray on Clothes (Video) Sexy Clothing Option in a Can?

Sep 16, 2010

Spray on clothes? Fabrican is the creator of Spray-on Fabric, which is an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric. Is it a sexy option in a can? It might be for some willing to give it a try.

According to a report, the Spray-on Fabric was developed through a collaboration between Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.

In a video on YouTube, the caption reveals: "Fabrican technology has captured the imagination of designers, industry and the public around the world."

According to Sotpedia, the spray can be applied using a high pressure spray gun or an aerosol can.


The report notes the texture of the fabric can be changed according to which fibers are used - wool, linen or acrylic, for example - and how the spray is layered on the body.

More details.

The technology has been developed for use in household, industrial, personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion applications using aerosol or spray-gun, and will soon be found in products available everywhere.


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