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Arizona UFO: Phoenix Lights Return?

Feb 7, 2007

Phoenix residents again lit up police switchboards and news hotlines as bright stationary lights were again visible south of the skies of Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night. Many residents of Arizona are particularly diligent sky watchers as the most reported UFO event in history that is commonly known as the 'Phoenix Lights' is nearing a ten-year anniversary.

On March 13, 1997 several events composed the event known as the 'Phoenix lights' with mostseeing tapes and photographs of theorbsthat werespotted southwest of the Valley of the Sun on news channels and TV specials.

This Photo Taken From Usery Pass East of Phoenix Shows What some are Calling the Phoenix Lights Part 2 (Image: National Ledger)

This Photo Taken From Usery Pass East of Phoenix Shows What some are Calling the Phoenix Lights Part 2 (Image: National Ledger)

Those lights were never fully explained to the satisfaction of many witnesses, despite numerous investigations. Months later, a Maryland National Guard spokesman came forward to claim that 'Operation Snowbird' had dropped miltary flares at the Goldwater range in the southwest Arizona desert.

Now nearly ten years later, the city is buzzing over another sighting of lights (pictured above). Fox 10 reports that around 8PM, SkyFox saw the lights south of Phoenix, noting to its viewers that it was the second time that mysterious lights appeared near Phoenix in the last 10 years.

Channel 3 in Phoenix reports on its website that calls poured into 3TVís newsroom, dozens of people called 911, and phone lines at KTAR radio lit up with curious callers and all kinds of theories.


Everyone wants to know what the lights were, so 3TV did some investigating, the report reads. Channel 3 took video of the lights taken in Tempe looking way out west. There were at least 5 bright lights holding a very constant place in the night sky.

In a closer shot, you can see one of the lights almost flickering in place. Some of the lights simply went out one by one after about 5 minutes. The photo shown above shows more of a V shaped array of lights. That photo was snapped just after 8pm Phoenix time from Usery Pass, about 30 miles east of downtown Phoenix.


According to the website report from Channel 3, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says there is a simple answer to the mystery -- military flares. But many witnesses are saying the lights look exactly like the Phoenix lights of 1997 leaving everyone scratching their heads in wonder, "Have they returned?"

CK Rairden contributed to this report.


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