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Baseline Killer Alibi? Wife Claims Suspect is Innocent

Sep 7, 2006

A man arrested and accused of being the 'Baseline Killer' has been identified as Mark Goudeau by news reports. His wife is now claiming he is innocent and has called local television stations and the Associated Press to present an alibi for the man now accused to be the 'Baseline Killer,'

Goudeau’s wife, Wendy Carr, told The Associated Press police arrested the wrong man.

“My husband is innocent,” Carr said in a telephone interview. “This is a huge miscarriage of justice. And they have an innocent man in prison. This is all a mistake. He shouldn’t be in prison for something he didn’t do.”


His neighbors quickly defended him as well.

According to the East Valley Tribune in Mesa Arizona, next-door neighbor Barbara Holzapsel said police were canvassing the neighborhood collecting alibis and looking for possible witnesses. She said she stuck her head out her window and asked Goudeau what was going on.

"There just harasssing me," he replied, Holzapsel said. "They think I'm the rapist."

"This is just a big case of mistaken identity," Holzapsel said. "Mark was the kind of neighbor every person dreams of. He has always been a gentleman. He'll stop what he's doing to come over and move or lift things for us. He'd give his right arm to help you out."

She said police probably interviewed Goudeau because he's "the only black man on the block." Holzapfel described him as a “wonderful guy” to the Associated Press.


Goudeau talked about the murders

Holzapfel did add that she remembered him talking to her about the Baseline Killer investigation after 37-year-old Carmen Miranda was killed June 29 at a car wash a block away.

“He would say, ‘There are idiots all over the world,”’ Holzapfel said.


The "Baseline Killer" is blamed for nearly two-dozen crimes in the Phoenix area including eight killings, 11 sex assaults and several robberies dating back a year.

Both sexual assaults in which ex-con Mark Goudeau, 40, is charged are among the crimes that had been linked to the killer. The Phoenix police chief stressed there's nothing connecting Goudeau to any of those other crimes.

Sources: KSAZ-10, AP, East Valley Tribune

--Cris Bergman writes from Scottsdale


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