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Beating Victim Video & Photos: Victoria Lindsay Attacked by Eight Classmates

Apr 8, 2008

Cheerleader Victoria Lindsay was attacked by eight of her classmates and the entire beating was caught on video and then posted on the World Wide Web. The attackers claim she was posting nasty messages about them online and the police say that one girl lured her into a home where she was savagely attacked. Six girls beat on her, while two boys stood as look-outs.
Victoria Lindsay Attacked by Eight Classmates (NBC)

Victoria Lindsay Attacked by Eight Classmates (NBC)

All have been charged. Some of the girls laughed and joked when they were arrested and asked the police of they would be out in time to make it to cheerleader practice. Others wondered if their detention would be so long it would keep them from going to the beach.


According to a report from the NBC Today show those that are facing charges of battery, false imprisonment and kidnapping are Mercades Nichols, 17, Brittini Hardcastle, 17, April Cooper, 14, Cara Murphy, 16, Britney Mayes, 17, Kayla Hassell, 15, Zachary Ashley, 17, and Stephen Schumaker, 18.

A mother of one of the girls went on television to try and defend the attack and claims that the beating is being blown out of proportion. Mercades Nichols mom Christina Garcia says that her daughter tried to warn Victoria Lindsay. But police say she was the one that lured her to the home.


Nichols doesn't even live with the mother, the same woman that tried to excuse the attack, she lives with her grandmother and that is the home where the attack to place and was filmed. The video is here. Police say they want to make an example of the attackers, especially since they have shown no remorse.

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