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Carolina UFO Sightings Continue: Strange Lights Spotted Again

Feb 8, 2007

A few weeks ago, strange blue lights filled the skies over Carolina and the sightings caused a frenzy of calls and reports to local authorities. There was no official explanation but at the time one report claimed the color could be an indication of the composition of the meteors streaking across the sky.

Now strange lights are back. WXII-12 is reporting that there have been strange reports about flying objects in the skies -- and some people think they're UFOs. The online report asks - are the makings of a Sci-Fi movie happening in the Piedmont-Triad?

Carolina UFO Sightings Continue: Strange Lights Spotted Again (Image: WXII-12)

Carolina UFO Sightings Continue: Strange Lights Spotted Again (Image: WXII-12)

This time a Kernersville man said he captured an object on his cell phone. According to the TV channel's details, strange sightings have been reported in a number of locations in recent days.


The National Weather Service said it has seen nothing out of the ordinary on its radar, and the Appalachian State University Observatory said it was probably a bolide -- a fireball-like meteor that frequently enters the earth's atmosphere but is rarely seen.

They cite Jamarus Crews said he was sitting in his Farmwood Garden Apartment when he saw something in the sky. It had lots of lights and made no noise, he said.

Wilkes County's Charles Miller said he also caught an image of an object. "From the first time I saw it until it was gone, it was 45 seconds and it crossed the entire sky," he told WXII 12's Nicole Ducouer.

See the online video report here


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