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Emily Sander as Zoey Zane: Internet Porn Star Meets Tragic End

Dec 2, 2007
She was just a young college girl. She led a double life, starring on a salacious Internet website as a nude model that charged people to log on and catch her in various poses and with various people. But really she was just a college girl with dreams and ambitions.
Emily Sander as Zoey Zane

Emily Sander as Zoey Zane

Initially, there was a lot of debate on if the young woman known as Zoey Zane was really Emily Sander. Zoey was her Internet persona and at first her family didn't seem certain, and many likely didn't want to believe it. But it had nothing to do with her horrific death, at least that's what the police say. However, that is what many are concentrating on in Kansas.


It is quite the awful story. The young girl disappeared. The last person that she was spotted alive with is a resident alien. She was with him in a motel room according to police and that man has been identified as Israel Mireles. The room was rented outside Wichita, investigators have revealed. Blood was found in the room and cops and the young girl's family feared the worst.

They searched for Emily and they found a body and now those fears have been realized. Police have positively identified the body that was found earlier this week. Emily Sander, the girl that starred as Zoey Zane is now gone. Results of forensic examinations and the cause of death were sealed, according to the Associated Press.


Her work on the Internet was her passion, according to one friend. "She enjoyed it. She is a young teenage girl and she wanted to be in the movies and enjoyed movies. She needed the extra money," Nikki Watson, a close friend of Sander's at Butler Community College, tells the Associated Press "Nobody in El Dorado knew besides her close friends."

Police are still saying that her website had nothing to do with her death. They are searching for the suspect and are interviewing his family members and other witnesses trying to track him down. They say that his whereabouts are officially unknown but fear that he may have slipped into Mexico to escape prosecution.


Police once complained that the website and Emily's profile of an online star was hindering the investigation. Now that she has been found and identified certainly that high profile may prove to assist cops as it appears they will need substantial help to find Israel Mireles.

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