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Fred Thompson in Trouble: Are All Other Republicans as Well?

Jan 21, 2008

Fred Thompson was drafted by the conservative base of the Republican Party for two very simple reasons. One, the Republican National Committee offered no other viable conservative choice and two, only a true traditional conservative can challenge today's Democratic Socialists. Thompson was not planning on running for an office he never aspired to hold. He was asked to put his personal life on hold, and answer the call to serve his fellow conservatives in desperate need of real conservative leadership.
Fred Thompson in Trouble (Image: Wenn)

Fred Thompson in Trouble (Image: Wenn)

Thompson didn’t enter the race late. The other eight eager beavers entered the race a year early, throwing the nomination process into a confusing tailspin and the nation into unwanted perpetual campaign mode. Those who claim Thompson’s late entry cost him the nomination need to answer why the early “front-runner” Rudy Giuliani, is in worse shape than Thompson in the polls?

No conservative including Thompson, had any chance of winning in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan or Nevada, all heavily liberal, which delivered three different winners in four primaries. So Thompson bet his farm on South Carolina, where conservative candidates normally do best.

But Thompson finished a distant 3rd instead of 1st or even 2nd, after pundits had been painting Thompson as “lazy” – “no fire” – “slow” and “disinterested” since the day he announced his campaign. And now, Thompson’s campaign is in real trouble coming out of South Carolina a distant 3rd.

But, every Republican emerges from South Carolina in trouble. John McCain thinks he emerged from South Carolina a victor. But what did he win? McCain won South Carolina the same way he won New Hampshire, with Independent votes, not Republican votes. So what did he win and how can he turn that into a national victory in November?

The answer is - he can’t turn it into a national victory in November, no matter how much he tells himself he can. He’s simply running on ego, ignoring an overtly obvious reality.

NO Republican can win in November without the support of the Republican base of the party. And none of the new front-runners, McCain, Romney, or Huckabee will enter November with the base of their party intact. Thompson is the only Republican candidate who can bring all Republicans into the voting booth in November, yet too many Republicans choose to ignore this reality.

Clinton – Obama in 2008

Liberals are nothing if not symbolism over substance. For more than a year now, I have been predicting a Clinton – Obama Democrat ticket come November. It’s a ticket the left can not afford to overlook. It is the dream ticket of the last one hundred years of Democrat history. There is NO way these two will not be united on a ticket by the DNC convention.

Liberals can not pass up the opportunity to “make history” by electing the first ever female President and the first ever black Vice President in U.S. history. Half of the Democrat Party loves Hillary and the other half, who hate Hillary, love Obama. Uniting the two on a ticket will prove an irresistible historic opportunity for liberals and the apparent lack of qualifications for the job will not even enter the equation.

The nation wants to “make history,” not protect and preserve future security, freedom and prosperity. The black vote will go to the black candidate and the female vote will go to the female candidate and combined, Democrats will have a ticket that almost no Republican can defeat in November.

Three November losers in the making

Foolish is as foolish does. As a result, no matter which “moderate” Republican emerges the RNC nominee, be it McCain, Romney or Huckabee, without the base of their party behind them, none of them can challenge a Clinton – Obama ticket in November. That means that ALL Republicans are in trouble, not just Thompson.

* New Yorkers like their New Yorker, Giuliani

* Evangelicals like their evangelical, Huckabee

* Old soldiers like their old soldier, McCain

* Mormon’s like their Mormon businessman, Romney

* Anti-Security Isolationists like their anti-war isolationist, Ron Paul

* And old conservatives like their old conservative, Thompson

And together, divided, we will all fall… None of these voters are looking at the big picture in 2008. It’s every man for himself in the Republican Party and come November, every Republican will lose as a result. Thompson’s campaign is in trouble. But so is every Republican’s future as a result.

Republican voters have failed to heed the warning shots fired in 2006. The conservative base of the party will not slide along into the socialist abyss by supporting another “compassionate conservative” (aka; RINO – or – Moderate) in 2008. They told you so in 2006 and they have been telling you so ever since, going so far as to reject eight declared Republican candidates and drafting their own conservative representative.

The message was clear. The base is serious this time around. No more “lesser evils” in November. They demanded a real choice, a real traditional conservative like Thompson or Clinton-Obama in November. Republican voters have chosen poorly and are leaving conservatives with only one remaining alternative.

To vote for real change

Conservatives are being asked to choose a second choice candidate, since Fred’s campaign is not advancing as planned. But to have a second choice, there would have to be a second conservative in the race and the only other conservative in the race, Duncan Hunter, just dropped out. So there is no second choice for conservatives.

Fred doesn’t have a “fire in his belly” for the office, like all other candidates do. This is a sign of sanity, not laziness. Fred has a fire in his belly for his country and conservative values, and is only a reluctant participant in the insanity we now call campaigns. It’s too bad so many at Fox, The Weekly Standard and National Review, have entirely missed the conservative boat.

Conservatives understand that America has exactly the government it deserves at all times, as it always has the government it elected. Before the government can change, the people who elect it must change.

If Republicans are not yet ready to nominate a conservative, then the nation can not elect a conservative. Real change begins with a change in the people. So long as the people insist on sending pretenders to Washington, they will find Washington full of pretenders.

Republicans are well on their way to plotting their own defeat in November and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Thompson has been telling it exactly as it is, but only core conservatives are listening.

There’s nothing left to do, but to allow all other Republican learn the hard way. The Republican Party is either America’s conservative party, or it is an obsolete unnecessary evil. Republican voters are choosing to make it the latter.

--News Analysis by JB Williams.


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