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Is This Why Paula White & Randy Are Divorcing?

Aug 29, 2007

Another Evangelical marriage has unraveled and as they are in the public eye, Paula and Randy White will see there upcoming divorce very much made public. The were married for eighteen years and announced the split last week. Randy White will continue as head pastor of Without Walls International Church.
Is This Why Paula White & Randy Are Divorcing? (Image: Wenn)

Is This Why Paula White & Randy Are Divorcing? (Image: Wenn)

Paula White will continue to expand Paula White Ministries, which currently has a presence in New York, Tampa and San Antonio. So - exactly what went wrong? Many are blaming greed and money as the pair live fairly extravagant lives. Many are criticizing that and I believe rightly so. But I stumbled across Paula's own words on her blog and frankly I'm more than stunned on what she writes. In a posy titled Associations she cites 1 Corinthians 15:33: "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners."


Fair enough. But her thinking has me more than a bit baffled. She writes: "How would describe the health of your relationships? Be honest, because it's crucial for your life. There are four types of people in your life: people who add, people who subtract; people who multiply, and people who divide. If you are presently involved in relationships that prey on your heart and rob you of control over your life, it's time to make a change."

Continuing, "A healthy relationship is one in which there is balance. There is give and take and mutual appreciation and a building up of each other. It is one in which honest words of appreciation are exchanged without any hint of manipulation. Healthy relationships come along with people who have a common direction or destinationócommon values and goals. If you do not have a common direction, you will always be in conflict."


She adds, "The associations in your life show your value system. Associate only with people who add or multiply your life. If a person is subtracting or dividing, you need to separate from that person." She has separated from her husband - is this the reason?

This will make one of America's most well known female Evangelical preachers twice divorced. While it's still really not crystal clear what caused the split if this is the case she may want to re-examine exactly what she is doing by just abandoning her marriage if this is her excuse.


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