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John McCain?

Nov 12, 2006

John McCain 2008 is likely underway. Arizona Senator John McCain intends to take the first formal step toward a White House run next week by launching a presidential exploratory committee, GOP officials say.

John McCain
John McCain

John McCain? Count on it - he is running.

Sources close to McCain say on Wednesday in Phoenix, he and a half dozen of his top aides huddled and decided to proceed more formally with his quest for the White House.


ABC News reports that McCain's official, final decision will likely not come until after the Christmas holidays, after he's had a chance to talk it over with his wife, Cindy.

McCain told ABC News that his team will continue to meet and "go through the process of decision making." But, he added, "I certainly haven't made any decision."


After Republicans lost control of both the House and Senate on Tuesday, McCain called for a return to the conservative principles he said make up the foundations of the Republican Party, the Associated Press said in a report.

"We came to Washington to change government, and government changed us," lamented McCain. "We departed rather tragically from our conservative principles."


He urged the party to return to a time when it was known for careful stewardship of tax dollars, less government, less regulation, lower taxes and a strong defense, as well as community and family values.

"I'm confident we will do that," he said.

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