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Meet the Press with Tim Russert: A Big Weekend for Ron Paul

Dec 21, 2007

Forget the money bombs and all the fundraising for now, this is the big weekend for Ron Paul and it has nothing to do with cash or campaign fundraising efforts. He finally has broken through and will appear on the mainstream number one Sunday morning talk show 'Meet the Press' with host Tim Russert. This is the key point in the campaign so far, he has to deliver a great performance.
Meet the Press with Tim Russert: A Big Weekend for Ron Paul

Meet the Press with Tim Russert: A Big Weekend for Ron Paul

The show is promoting it like this on their website, "2008 Presidential Contender Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) joins us this Sunday as our "Meet the Candidates" series continues. Tune in to find out where Paul stands on the major issues facing the country as he makes his "Meet the Press" debut -- and marks the twelfth installment of our series interviewing the presidential contenders from both parties."


At least they called him a contender and not a long shot. Love him or hate him, this is a big moment for Paul. It will be quite interesting to see how tough Tim Russert tries to get with the US Congressman from Texas. Russert earlier promoted the appearance on the 'Today' show and may have given an indication on what he will discuss.

He mentioned Paul's fundraising efforts and said that many people will be 'surprised' at some of his positions. That may mean that Russert will give Paul a grilling and expect lots of 'gotcha' type questions. I think that's fair game, and Paul needs to be ready. Expect anything negative (and there has been plenty of negative stuff about the Paul campaign this week) to be brought forward. The network schedule is here.


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