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Monster Pig Hoax: 1000 Pound Hog Dubbed Hogzilla 2 Photoshopped?

May 29, 2007

Did a kid really shoot a 1000-pound hog with a pistol? Is it a Hogzilla hoax? Is the Monster Pig even real? Questions and debunking is flying all over the Internet.A stunning photo distributed last Friday by the Associated Press that purports to show an 11-year-old Alabama boy standing behind a half-ton wild hog his father said he bagged with a pistol. The boy, Jamison Stone, looks tiny in the photo as he stands behind his prize pig, which his father claims measures 9 feet 4 inches, and weighs 1,051 pounds.

Monster Pig Hoax: 1000 Pound Hog Dubbed Hogzilla 2 Photoshopped?

Monster Pig Hoax: 1000 Pound Hog Dubbed Hogzilla 2 Photoshopped?

The photo (above)- published on hundreds of Web sites and emailed millions of times - is now is under attack from blogs and Web sites that claim to be able to prove that the boy and his father hammed it up for the photo, and that truth sometimes isn't in the eye of the beholder, Fox News reports.


Stinky Journalism.Org gives this report: "In both photos we are meant to believe that he is right next to the beast. However, the discrepancy in the size of Jamison's head is a telltale sign that there's something funny going on. It's easily explained if we know that a simple illusion is being employed. His head appears much bigger in Figure 11 because he is, in reality, much closer to the pig."

Continuing: "In all photos, our senses are deprived of a third dimension. A photo's depth, then, is achieved through the brain's ability to interpolate perspective. But that awareness can be manipulated. The laws of perspective tell us that smaller can mean smaller--or farther away. If we do not hold that principle, consciously, in our minds, our eyes can easily be fooled."


Stinky Journalism.Org also notes: "A close up look at Jamison's arm "resting" directly on top of the beast's spine reveals: a.) the boy's arm is freakishly tiny, b.) the pig's individual hairs are super-sized, or, c.) more reasonably, Jamison is farther away than we assume as evoked by the illusionary juxtaposition."

"These are authentic pictures," Mike Stone told the Web site, which claims it can prove the colossol claim isn't kosher. "They have not been altered," Stone said.

Stinky Journalism.Org has a thorough debunking here. Charts, close ups and more.


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