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Real Life Gremlins Attack (Video) Pygmy Tarsiers are Biters

Nov 19, 2008

The real life Gremlins have been found and Pygmy Tarsiers are not extinct. The adorable little creatures are often compared to the furry little creatures from the eighties film Gremlins (remember the pics with Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman from that era?) and now it has been discovere that they kind of like their privacy. If you grab them be careful, the are biters.
Real Life Gremlins Attack (Video) Pygmy Tarsiers are Biters

Real Life Gremlins Attack (Video) Pygmy Tarsiers are Biters

The last sighting of this primate alive was in 1921 when live specimens were collected and processed for a museum collection. Live Science reports that the little creatures weigh "just 2 ounces (57 grams), they resemble mini gremlin creatures, as they have big eyes and are covered in dense coats of fur to keep warm in a damp, chilly habitat."


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A team led by a Texas A&M University anthropologist, reports, found them according to a report from KDKA. The report notes that several scientists believed they were extinct until two Indonesian scientists trapping rats in the highlands of Sulawesi accidentally trapped and killed a pygmy tarsier in 2000. See video here (the link is after the story).

New Scientist adds that they may not have been overly thrilled to be found. One of them bit Sharon Gursky-Doyen, from Texas A&M University, who took part in the expedition.


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