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Rush Limbaugh Rips Mike Huckabee: 'He's No Conservative!'

Jan 2, 2008

Rush Limbaugh is back on the air in 2008 and he still isn't a fan of GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. Limbaugh and Huckabee got into a verbal battle of sots before the holiday season based on a gossip item from "The Atlantic" that cited some unnamed source as trashing Limbaugh. The shot at the conservative talk radio giant supposedly came from someone in Mike Huckabee's camp.
Rush Limbaugh Still Slamming Mike Huckabee

Rush Limbaugh Still Slamming Mike Huckabee

Now Limbaugh is back on the air and having at it against the former Arkansas governor. According to a report from Politico, Rush used a good portion of his program to take on Mike Huckabee though he didn't want it to appear that he was "piling on."


"Iím going to keep some of the powder dry here because I donít want to be accused of piling on," Limbaugh said, "but if people are going to ask me questions Iím not going to shirk from them and try to hem-haw around."

According to Jonathan Martin writing for the website callers were interested in discussing Huckabee, and the talker spent most of the first half of his program discussing his candidacy in the context of the GOP race.


While calling Huckabee's now-famous Des Moines presser Monday "Clintonesque," Limbaugh said he would not "join the chorus" of those saying it would damage the Republican's chances.

"Itís quite possible people will see Huckabee's press conference as an attempt to be honorable, that the drive-bys [in the mainstream media] have now sabotaged him on," Limbaugh observed.


"And they can easily conclude, 'Look, he didnít air the ad, you guys did.' The people that are looking at Huckabee in a supportive way are not analyzing Huckabee, this is what you have to understand. They are not picking apart his policy, theyíre accepting him for what he is based on his identity politics. So I donít think theyíre going to take it to the nth degree the way the drive-by pundits are."

Limbaugh is in a really bad way in this election as he has but Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney to cheer for. While Romney still has a chance, it is all but over Thompson. Conservative candidates are hard to come by, and people like Rush are scrambling, hoping Romney can rebound.


The article notes that during the show Limbaugh seemed to swipe at the surging John McCain, Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani, respectively, in responding to a caller about which candidate had true conservative principles.

"If our nominee is either not conservative and is pandering to the left trying to get some of their votes, or if our nominee is so afraid of his record that heís relying on identity politics to get votes or if our nominee decides that the only way he can win is to go out and pick off some libs in the northeast and out in the west, itís going to be a bloodbath," he predicted of the general election.


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