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Several Photos Show Woman on Mars: Mystery, Debate Reignited

Jan 26, 2008

Is there a woman on Mars? Bizarre images have emerged showing a mystery female figure walking down a hill on the arid red planet. Or at least, that is some people think and believe. Others believe it looks a bit like the legendary 'Bigfoot' who of course usually keeps his appearances to here on earth. So what is that in the photos?
Woman on Mars? Debate Reignited (Image: NASA)

Woman on Mars? Debate Reignited (Image: NASA)

The photo image just happened to capture what many think looks like a female being sitting on a rock. The Sunday Tines quotes one enthusiast, "These pictures are amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what appears to be a naked alien running around on Mars."


Take a look at another angle and a better close up of the photo here. So what is it, of course it's just a rock according to Cornell astronomer Jim Bell, who heads the scientific team behind the Mars rovers' panoramic cameras. "It's a funky little bizarre wind-carved rock formation," Bell said.

He adds, "It's not unusual at all." Bell has apparently become very familiar with the image, having received dozens of calls from reporters asking about what some describe as a mermaid or Bigfoot. The images were among many sent back to Earth by Spirit, NASA's Mars explorer vehicle, which landed there four years ago.


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