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Strange Lights in the Sky Spark UFO Call Frenzy in Carolina

Jan 25, 2007

Look - up in the sky. In South Carolina that was the situation on Wednesday night. After the Chicago O'Hare still unexplained UFO spotting, it appears that all kinds of curiosity has been piqued for night sky viewing. According to Fox Carolina News blue and green lights were spotted in the sky around eight o'clock Wednesday night.

Lights Could Have Been a Meteor Like This Leonid

Lights Could Have Been a Meteor Like This Leonid

WYFF Channel 4 News also notes in a report on the website that viewers called and e-mailed to report seeing some strange blue lights in the night sky Wednesday. The lights appeared at about 8:15 p.m., according to the reports. Sheriff's offices in the state say they received dozens of calls reporting the lights.


Fox shares this e-mail from a viewer on the website. "I was traveling on Michelin boulevard at the intersection of highway 24 when I saw what I thought was a small plane heading for the runway of Anderson county airport. I realized quickly that it was not a plane but appeared to be something falling. I thought maybe a meteorite." reports that while no definitive information is available, WYFF 4 Chief Meteorologist John Cessarich said the most likely cause is a group of meteors streaking into the Earth’s atmosphere.


The color could be an indication of the composition of the meteors, the report claims.

Cessarich said that he was able to confirm there were military helicopters on routine training missions operating in Greenville and Pickens counties on Wednesday night, but there is no indication that those flights are related to the other sightings.


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