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Texas UFO: Photos, Video Missing From Stephenville UFO Sightings

Jan 16, 2008

The Texas UFO sighting is definitely real. Very intense bright lights were spotted over Stephenville, Texas and many people witnessed the sighting. The event is huge, but one thing is missing, photos and video. So far, no one has brought forward any evidence on tape or with any digital format and that is all that is missing from what sounds like a huge UFO sighting.
Phoenix Lights (Pictured) and Texas UFO Similar?

Phoenix Lights (Pictured) and Texas UFO Similar?

All of the witnesses describe the same thing. It was a large object, perhaps even a mile wide, and had bright lights. It was flying low in the sky and some witnesses claim that fighter jets were pursuing it. It sounds very similar to the Phoenix Lights sighting on March 13, 1997.


On that night there were hundreds of witnesses that saw a variety of things in the night sky. Several of them claimed to have witnessed what sounds eerily similar to this report lying low over Scottsdale, Arizona. Other saw bright orbs hanging in the air away from the city to the southwest. There are several videotapes and photos of that event that have been broadcast all over television and that's how the sighting got its name.

Now the curious are stunned that in this digital age that there is no snapshots or video of the Texas UFO. It seems like everyone has a camera on their phone and most of those do video, why did no one think to snap the event?


These people aren't saying that they saw the traditional "Sci-Fi" flying saucer; they are describing a craft that was huge and flew very silently over Texas. Government officials are keeping up their stereotype however, claiming that everyone's eyes were playing tricks on them and perhaps it was a plane.

It would be nice if someone comes forward that has video or photos of this craft. At least that would give investigators a chance. There is a good bit of information and a video report here.


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