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UFO Over Arkansas: New Sighting Similar to Phoenix Lights?

Jan 18, 2007

With the ten year anniversary of 'The Phoenix Lights' approaching in March and the still unexplained UFO that was spotted over Chicago's O'Hare airport it seems as if the buzz about unexplained objects witnessed flying over space is again reaching mainstream sources.

UFO Over Arkansas: Unexplained Objects Akin to the Phoenix Lights (pictured)

UFO Over Arkansas: Unexplained Objects Akin to the Phoenix Lights (pictured)

The Chicago Tribune reported earlier that the story about the UFO that was witnessed by at least a dozen people over the airport was theirmost viewedonline story of the month. There is still no credible explanation as to what the witnesses viewed over the airport.


Now a retired Air Force pilot is reporting that he spotted and photographed what he believes is a UFO over his home in Arkansas. According to an online report from World Net Daily the retired Colonel first believed that the lights were that of an aircraft. But after observing he decided otherwise.

"I believe these lights were not of this world, and I feel a duty and responsibility to come forward," Col. Brian Fields told WND.Com. "I have no idea what they were."

The article notes that just like with the witnesses said with the Phoenix Lights, he believed that the lights were not military flares as they did not descend. "I'm certain it wasn't an aircraft [from Earth]," said Fields, who also ruled out the possibility of flares, saying they didn't descend like flares typically do. "It's not anything I ever had any experience with . ... They were some kind of energy or something."

Many skeptics are convinced that the 'Phoenix Lights' shown in videos are indeed flares, but like Col. Fields, those witnesses claimed that the lights did not decend.


The report from WND's Joe Kovacs notes that the event in Arkansas lasted an hour and 15 minutes. With the Phoenix lights, the reports said those particular lasted between fifteen and thirty minutes but there were more events that evening than just the highly publicized orbs that have been widely shown and scrutinized and the subject of various television programs.

Several witnesses claim they witnessed a craft flying above several Arizona cities as the 'craft' moved from northern Arizona south to Tucson and then back through Phoenix. There were numerous witnesses of both the orbs and the 'craft.'

If anyone else spotted the orbs in Arkansas they have yet to come forward. "I just can't imagine other people didn't see it," Fields said, noting they appeared at times like a yo-yo at 5 to 10 degrees above the horizon.


"At first I thought they were landing lights from an aircraft,"Fields said of the Arkansas sighting.

"As I continued to observe them they began to slowly disappear, then suddenly one reappeared, followed by two, then three. On at least one occasion four or five appeared. Each time they would slowly fade and eventually disappear. This occurred several times and when they would reappear they might do so in differing numbers and in different positions, sometimes in a triangular shape, sometimes stacked on top of each other, sometimes line abreast, etc. When the objects appeared they might stay illuminated 10 or more minutes."

Of course it is impossible to tell what this man saw, but like so many other witnesses he is convinced that it was not an aircraft, or flares.

World Net Daily has several photographs and more on the story here


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