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UFO Video: Living, Breathing Space Alien on Tape Promised in Denver

May 29, 2008

Is there video footage of an alien on tape? A man is promising that he will bring forward a UFO video that will show what is described as a "living, breathing space alien" on tape in Denver on Friday. Cue the Democratic Convention jokes. The man is named Jeff Peckman and if he can produce this tape he will set the world on its ear.
Phoenix Lights From 1997

Phoenix Lights From 1997

But what footage does he have and if he has it, why has he not produced the video before? He tells the Rocky Mountain News that the footage is "impressive" but he also says he will not show the video to the public just yet.


That will make some very skeptical that Jeff Peckman is either a kook or just desperately seeking publicity. He says he is holding the footage away from the general public because he wants to have it included in a documentary that will soon be out. So why is he showing it at all? He wants to use it to force the government to create an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to prepare the city for close encounters of the alien kind", the News reports.

So who gets to see it Friday and will it be convincing enough to bring others out to promote it? It appears that only government officials will get the preview but Peckman says she will produce the video for the general public in month at an open meeting.


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