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UFO Video: Phoenix Lights a Hoax, Man Claims

Apr 23, 2008

What were those four red lights that floated over north Phoenix? Several witnesses caught the light formation in photos and on video and many are wondering exactly what the four lights were and what was their source? Officials have yet to come forward and make their usual claim that the lights were flares, or swamp gas in the desert, so is this sighting worthy of investigators? One man has now come forward and he says it is a hoax that he created on his own.
UFO Video: Phoenix Lights Hoax Claim (Image: National Ledger)

UFO Video: Phoenix Lights Hoax Claim (Image: National Ledger)

He claims he tied four road flares to what he calls helium balloons and sent them off into the night sky to create an elaborate hoax that people would believe was a UFO sighting. So who is this man that created the hoax, well he isn't saying. He wants to remain anonymous. A video report of how to make the homemade UFO is here.


So is the man telling he truth? It sounds plausible enough. But many of the witnesses aren't convinced and Channel 3 out of Phoenix even has a poll that asks if the man did actually do this, should he be charged with a crime. Certainly it was a dangerous stunt in the very dry desert and if one of the flares that the man claims he tied to fishing line had dropped into some brush while still burning it could have easily have started a wildfire.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, if the hoax claim is even true, it is fire season and there is plenty of fuel to burn. And now that his story has been broadcast with detailed information on how the says he did it, you can expect copycats all over the Valley.


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