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Unclaimed Money - $33 Billion in Unclaimed Funds and How to Apply

May 14, 2010

There are claims that a whopping $33 billion worth of unclaimed money is just sitting in state treasuries and other agencies, just waiting to be returned to owners. The cash is from money left in a variety of locations, and CS Monitor reports though the money per account is usually small, the search process has become easier with the Internet.

The massive amount is added up from cash and items left in safe-deposit boxes, bank accounts, stocks, uncashed dividend or payroll checks, traveler's checks, insurance policies, and customer overpayments may have been forgotten over the years.


CBS reveals how to find out if some of your cash is just sitting there - waiting to be claimed. The news agency reports that all you have to do to find out if you have money owed to you is a bit of online research.

Forty states participate in a national database Missing The report reveals that you just type in your name if your state participates and see if your name is a match for their records.

Another website CBS News suggests to try is, which has a map of the U.S. You click on a state, and it will bring you to the Unclaimed Property search site for that government of that state.


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