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Vicki Iseman and John McCain: Sex Scandal or Smear?

Feb 20, 2008

Here we go again. The New York Times gossip mill has again churned out Vicki Iseman and John McCain and all kinds of hints at a romantic affair between the two. Is this a sex scandal or a smear or somewhere in between? The newspaper unloads on McCain after their endorsement weeks ago and tosses the "scandal" out there for public consumption. He denies any romance and she denies it as well.
Vicki Iseman and John McCain: Sex Scandal or Smear?

Vicki Iseman and John McCain: Sex Scandal or Smear?

The Drudge report has the story flashback from an earlier report that notes that McCain tried to get the paper not to run the story. The story then notes that the drama involves "a woman lobbyist who may have helped to write key telecom legislation." The woman in question is Vicki Iseman and she has reportedly retained counsel and strongly denies receiving any special treatment from McCain.


This comes on the heels of a wild tabloid scandal that was reported on by the National Enquirer about John Edwards and an alleged affair and love child. This should get really exciting once the gossip starts churning in on Barack Obama. Om McCain and Iseman, the Times makes little case for any affair in the article only citing advisers that may have sensed that he might be leaning towards some sort of a relationship with the woman.

McCain is going to have a lot of stuff to weed trough with his many years in the US Congress and it will be interesting to see if the story grows legs as there really seems like there is little there other than a bit of tawdry gossip. The story is here. Read all the gossip that is fit to print.


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