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Video: Oregon Craigslist Hoax, Home Ransacked, Couple Arrested

Apr 3, 2008

In Jacksonville, Oregon a man lost nearly everything from his home after an ad was placed on the online ad forum Craigslist. The advertisement claimed that the man was being forced to leave the Oregon suddenly because of an emergency situation and due to that he was not going to sell, but give away all, of his belongings, including a horse.
Couple Arrested in Oregon Craigslist Hoax
Couple Arrested in Oregon Craigslist Hoax

The advertisement on Craigslist claimed that all were free for the taking, and the people that placed the ad gave the address of the man's home. The logical conclusion, people that saw the ad went to the man's house. Robert Salisbury was away, but only for a few days. But when people got to the house and saw that the owner wasn't there, they just took his belongings.


They ransacked the home and took nearly everything before he got back. Now a couple has been found that police believe placed the ad and they are under arrest for fraud and a variety of other charges. According to ABC News, Jackson County (Oregon) sheriff's deputies have arrested the couple, saying the two stole horse saddles and other items from Salisbury's home, then selling the saddles online.

The video is here and the report notes that authorities tracked computer files to Amber and Brandon Herbert. "We did a search of the computer. We found remnants of a Craigslist posting as well as other indications they were on Cragislist and modifying the posting," explained sheriff department spokesman Rich Fogarty.

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