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Video, Texas UFO Sighting: What Was Spotted over Stephenville?

Jan 15, 2008

A UFO was spotted over the skies of Stephenville, Texas and now everyone wants to know what it was. Here we go again, just like the sighting at the Chicago O'Hare Airport and the Phoenix Lights, authorities are trying to come up with logical explanations to give to residents that are not sure what they saw that night in the skies. It won't be easy an easy sell as all of the witnesses have the same general description of what they saw.
The Phoenix Lights in 1997

The Phoenix Lights in 1997

And it will be difficult to write them off as kooks. All of the witnesses claim they saw a large craft, a very massive object, with flashing lights. The craft was flying through the air at great speed and very close to the ground, the witnesses claim. Now the kicker, just like with the Phoenix Lights sighting from over ten years ago, there are claims that jet fighters were scrambled and some witnesses even say they say the fighters chasing the object.


UFO investigators will now descend on the town and take a look around and gather eyewitness accounts and any other data they can find. Federal officials are already claiming that they are certain that the event is not anything to be concerned about and certainly the craft was not from another world. They are even claiming that the sunset could have played tricks on everyone's eyes. That's the standard type issue answer from authorities in all of these cases it seems.

In Phoenix in 1997, they took ten months to figure out that they best explanation they could come up with for the Phoenix Lights that was witnessed by hundreds of people was that it was "flares" dropped from a Maryland "Snowbird" operation.


At Chicago's O'Hare authorities tried to pass off that sighting, witnessed by dozens of airline workers as a "weather phenomenon." In Texas, pilot Steve Allen was quoted as saying, "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts."

Some are claiming that the craft could be as long s a mile wide. A video report with witnesses detailing what they saw is here from a local television report.


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