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Kate Hudson (photos, articles, news and gossip below) is the daughter of iconic Hollywood star Goldie Hawn and rose to prominence in her trade on her won with a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Almost Famous.

Kate is engaged to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy and they are expecting a a baby in 2011.

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Kate Hudson in green.
Kate Hudson in green.

  • Kate Hudson in yellow.
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Kate Hudson Latest News

National Ledger - Muse

Muse: New album is us 'losing our minds'

Muse's new LP sounds like the band ''losing our minds a bit''. The three-piece group - featuring Matthew Bellamy, Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme - believes they ''lost sight'' of what ...

National Ledger - Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Matt Bellamy misses Kate Hudson - wants to get back together

Matt Bellamy misses Kate Hudson. The Muse rocker, who split from the 35-year-old actress last year after four years together, is reportedly eager to rekindle their relationship and even wants them ...

National Ledger - Kate Hudson

Jennifer Aniston grabs Kate Hudson's butt at Golden Globes

Jennifer Aniston cheekily grabbed Kate Hudson's butt on the Golden Globes red carpet last night (11.01.15). The 'Cake' star couldn't resist placing a palm on the blonde actress' derriere ahead ...

National Ledger - Hudson pranks Justin Timberlake - Kate's call declined?

Hudson pranks Justin Timberlake - Kate's call declined?

Kate Hudson tried to pull a prank on Justin Timberlake, but the singer wouldn't take her call. Check out the picture above that she posted on Instagram, the blonde...

National Ledger - Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson, Matthew Bellamy split - broken engagement, wedding is off

Kate Hudson has split from Matthew Bellamy. The 'Bride Wars' actress - who has three-year-old Bingham with the Muse frontman - has called off their engagement...

National Ledger - Plastic Surgery Gone Bad Rumors - Kate Hudson Fed Up

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad Rumors - Kate Hudson Fed Up

Kate Hudson doesn't have a plastic surgery gone bad story to tell and would love it if people would stop asking about it...



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