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Adam Herrman Missing: Biological Mother Speaks

Jan 8, 2009

Adam Hermann has been missing for ten years. CNN had this on Larry King on Wednesday night. "Adam Herrman was 11 years old when he vanished from his home in Kansas in 1999. He lived in a mobile home park with his adoptive parents. They never reported his disappearance. Authorities received a tip last week alerting them to the fact. Adam is now or would be now 21 years old. His adopted parents never reported him missing as they said he ran away a lot and they thought he would return.
A Photo of Adam From Ten Years Ago

A Photo of Adam From Ten Years Ago

The adopted parents have not been arrested but reports note that police are now investigating. Gerri George, the biological mother of the boy, who if he is still alive would be 21 years old.


When asked by King if she knew he was missing or where he was she replied, "Last time I heard, he was in Derby, Kansas, in a foster home with Valerie Herman." King, "Why did you give him up?" Anyone with information about Adam Herman is asked to call the Butler County Sheriff's Office. It's 316- 322-4398, 316-322-4398.

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She said, "I didn't exactly give him up. They kept -- the county kept throwing my past of what my parents did to me. And they more or less said that I would repeat history again with my own children. And it seems like they're the ones who are repeating the history of what my parents did to me. But they're doing it with my own kids.

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