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Adam Lanza (Photo) Described as Goth with Asperger's Syndrome or Personality Disorder, Conn. School Shooter

By Staff
Dec 15, 2012
Adam Lanza in 2005 (ABC News)

Adam Lanza has been described in press reports as a 'goth' and also reports have suggested officials and friends revealed Adam might have suffered from Asperger's syndrome or some other personality disorder.

"He just said he was very thin, very remote and was one of the goths," one parent said in describing how her son remembered the fellow student.

"This was a deeply disturbed kid," a family insider told the New York Daily News.

"He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall."

Lanza has been identified as the school shooter in Connecticut who opened fire on children and teachers alike, killing 27 before taking his own life.

The guns he used were legal under the gun control laws of Connecticut and were owned by his Mom, Nancy.

Nancy Lanza, 54, was shot and killed by Adam inside the affluent home the two shared by one of her guns and then the mayhem continued.

Reports have revealed after Adam murdered his mother, he drove to the Sandy Hook elementary school and killed many more.

Some reports claimed Nancy had worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as a teacher's aide, but more recently, she was home taking care of her son and it is not clear why he chose the school other than his mom's apparent connection.

The scene was ghastly after he finished firing.

Twenty children were shot dead at the school, while six adults were also killed there by Adam.

He then took his own life and when you include his mother, all told, 28 people are dead.

Neighbors have also shown anger, with one telling the NY Daily News, Adam could 'burn in hell' and was always weird.

He said he wasn't surprised the 20-year old went on the killing rampage.

More information is coming out - ABC has more live updates here.

(Image: ABC)

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