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Arrests in Jell-O Tampering Case in New York - Couple Face Charges

Mar 29, 2010

Crime Beat Long Island - Police have arrested a couple and accused them of tampering with Jell-O mix in several New York supermarkets. According to a Fox News report, police in Long Island, N.Y. were investigating Jell-O tampering at several supermarkets this weekend after packages were purchased, emptied of their contents, and later repackaged with another substance and returned to stores.

1010 Wins reports that investigation led police to a husband and wife team that now face charges after an arrest. The report reveals Alexander Clement, 68, and Christine Clement, 64, were arrested Sunday, citing Suffolk County police.


According to WCBS, authorities say there is no indication that the Clements sought to harm any other consumers, but instead were trying to obtain the product without paying for it.

According to the report the pair would "allegedly purchased the products, removed the pudding mixes, and refilled the boxes with sandwich bags containing salt and sand." They would then seek a refund.

The East Northport residents face multiple counts of petit larceny and tampering with a consumer product and would be arraigned at a later date, police said.

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