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Bobby Jindal to Obama, Stop Campaigning, Scaring America People (Video)

By Staff
Feb 27, 2013
Obama criticized for campaigning.

Bobby Jindal to Obama - Get back to work and stop campaigning on doom and gloom.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has tired of President Obama of playing what he calls "political theater" by predicting doom and gloom.

The Republican governor blasted the president saying his strategy now seems to be constant campaigning while doing no real work.

Jindal says Obama only offers scare tactics by warning that looming across-the-board spending cuts set to go into effect on Friday will have a devastating impact on the government's ability to function and provide for the nation's most vulnerable, saying the cuts can be made in ways that are less damaging.

"The reality is that this is just part of political theater, part of the campaign," Jindal told Politics Confidential following a luncheon at the White House for the National Governors Association. "He's trying to scare the American people. He's trying to distort the impact."

Jindal then notes that Obama really doesn't work all that much and scolds the president.

"Your job as the chief executive is to outline to Congress how you would prioritize these reductions, and you can cut $85 billion and protect critical services," says Jindal, calling on the president. "Every governor has done that. Since I've been a governor, I've done that."

Jindal also told ABC News:

“There’s no reason to be threatening people’s access to vaccines or health care services. What’s next? Is he going to threaten to open the federal prisons? This ridiculous. This is just a political campaign and he needs to stop the campaigning,”

"The president needs to show leadership and tell Congress how he can cut $85 billion without cutting these critical services.”

Watch the video below.


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