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Busted: Sam Adams, Portland Mayor and His Beau, Beau Breedlove

Jan 25, 2009

The mayor of Portland is busted. Sam Adams has finally admitted that he has been having sex with a teen intern. He has yet to resign, and he is trying to say that he didn't start having sex with the teen intern until the boy was eighteen. The lovers name is Beau Breedlove. The beau is beau and the question seems to be how old Beau was when he started up with the new mayor.

As usual, the peanut gallery chimes in. The Seattle Times brings out some writer named Bruce Ramsey who may actually be the man that gave Bill Clinton his marching orders when he was popped diddling the help, his opinion piece is titled, "So what: Portland Mayor lies about sex." What year is this?


The rumors stared when the kid was seventeen and Adams was running for mayor. A report from the Associated Press notes that the pair denied the rumor, but a newspaper had the evidence so finally the mayor confessed, once he was trapped.

The mayor says he didn't start having sex with the kid until he turned eighteen. Does anyone believe the guy, he is an admitted liar. Like Blogo, he has still yet to leave.

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