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Caroline Cartwright to Court - Loud Lovemaking Sessions Irk Neighbors

Jun 29, 2010

Caroline Cartwright just can't keep quiet during sex romps with husband Steve and was summoned to court to answer a charge for breaching an anti-social behavior order by "shouting, screaming or using vocalization" during lovemaking sessions with her husband.

Cartwright, of Washington, Tyne and Wear, near Newcastle paid a visit to Newcastle Crown Court on Tuesday to answer the charges and has again avoided jail.


How loud is it? Their love-making has been described as "murder" and "unnatural" and drowned out their neighbors' televisions, reports the Independent.

The mailman even complained he could hear her screaming during his rounds during the day while the husband and wife made love. The unemployed woman also blares music very loudly, according to neighbors.


She was found guilty, and during the current trial, she faced jail as an eight-week suspended prison term was hanging over her.

However, a judge was lenient, imposing a 12-week prison sentence, but suspended for 12 months, and a one-year supervision order.

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