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Cops' Secret Clique (Video) LA Sheriff's Jump Out Boys

By Staff
Feb 8, 2013

Cops' Secret Clique out - seven to be fired fro elite squad attached to Sheriff's Gang Enforcement Team.

Seven Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies will be fired for being members of a secret law enforcement clique.

Cops' Secret Clique to be fired.

Watch a video below.

An investigation was launched last year when a pamphlet was discovered that described a code of conduct for the group of officers dubbed the Jump Out Boys.

The pamphlet said the secret click of officers considered officer-involved shootings to be a badge of honor and celebrated shootings and branded its members with matching tattoos. (see photo right)

In an earlier report by the LA Times, the paper noted the history of other cliques, "with names like Grim Reapers, Little Devils, Regulators and Vikings have been accused of breeding a gang-like mentality in which deputies falsify police reports, perjure themselves and cover up misconduct."

The paper notes that in this case of the Jump Out Boys, "sheriff’s investigators did not uncover any criminal behavior. But sources said the group clashed with the department policies."

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Wednesday the deputies were sent the letters this week notifying them their employment is terminated.

All seven were members of the Sheriff's Gang Enforcement Team.

Though no laws were broken, an Associated Press report reveals "the concern was that the group, with its matching tattoos and a creed seemingly promoting shootings, violated the department's core values."

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