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Deputies Refuse to Evict 103 Year Old Woman (Video) Bank Foreclosure Now Stopped by Chase

Dec 1, 2011
Vinia Hall will Stay in Her Home.

Deputies who refused to enforce an eviction notice on a 103 year old woman who lives in an Atlanta, Georgia area home can now be credited with stopping the bank foreclosure as Chase bank now says the woman can stay in her house.

The bank has worked out a deal with Vinia Hall.

Chase Bank has been involved in a dispute over the woman's house for over two years and an order was issued this week to evict her and her 83-year old daughter from the home with the unpaid second mortgage.

According to Right Juris, "Vinia Hall has lived in her small, modest home with her 83 year old daughter for almost sixty (60) years. In 2008, Ms. Hall’s grandson, Ali Muhammad, obtained a second mortgage on the house for $17,500, meaning, of course, he now owes $20,000."

Muhammad was listed as the owner of the home, though his grandmother had lived in it for decades and seven years after getting the loan, in March 2009, the bank foreclosed on the property.

They have been battling back and forth ever since as Muhammad fought the foreclosure and it all came to a boil on Tuesday when the Fulton County sheriff's deputies refused to toss the woman on the street, giving loads of publicity to Hall and her quest to keep her house.

The bank now has made a deal to allow the woman to keep her home.

According to AJC.Com:

The bank administering a second mortgage on the northwest Atlanta house where Vinia Hall lives will work out an arrangement so that she and her 83-year-old daughter, Kathelyn Cornelius, don’t have to move. The bank, JPMorgan Chase, announced the decision Wednesday afternoon.

“We will work out a resolution to keep them in the home,” Thomas Kelly, a spokesman for the bank, said in an emailed statement to the paper.

More details here or watch the video below for more information on Vinia Hall's early Christmas present of getting to keep her home.

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