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Dwarf Left in Wheelchair After Being Thrown and Injured by Fan!

Jan 14, 2012

Henderson says, "We were having a good night out to celebrate my birthday."

A dwarf will now have to use a wheelchair after being thrown and injured by a drunken fan while celebrating his birthday during the Rugby World Cup.

According to the UK Mirror the brutal incident happened to dwarf Martin Henderson, from Milborne Port, Somerset.

The report reveals he was in the White Horse pub, in Wincanton, celebrating with a group of friends when he was attacked outside.

"We were having a good night out to celebrate my birthday," Henderson told the Western Gazette.

"I went outside for a cigarette and the next thing I know I'm suddenly in the air and someone has got hold of me."

The 37-year-old said he believed there was only one person involved in the incident.

"I guess I was an easy target and the only reason I was picked on was because I am small," he added.

Police have launched an investigation and are appealing for witnesses.

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