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Ferguson Drinking Admission - Fergie 'In the Gutter' on Video

Jun 1, 2010

Sarah Ferguson has revealed she was 'in the gutter' when she was caught on video accepting a bribe. The Duchess of York admits in a new interview with Oprah that she had also been drinking and was 'not in my right place'.
Ferguson Drinking Admission - Fergie 'In the Gutter' on Video.

Ferguson Drinking Admission - Fergie 'In the Gutter' on Video.

She makes the shocking admissions in the interview, which is set to be aired in the US on Tuesday.

She agreed to do the interview to address the scandal after a British newspaper secretly filmed her accepting $724,000 in exchange for access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The 50-year-old Duchess of York previously said she was ‘devastated' by the scandal, which was uncovered by the News of the World newspaper.


On the tape, she tells an undercover reporter: "I can open any door you want," to Andrew, a British trade representative. But now in the new interview with Oprah, Fergie reveals she has still not seen the sting video of herself. But she knows where her mind was when it happened.

She tells Oprah: "I haven't faced the devil in the face because I was in the gutter at that moment. “So I'm aware of the fact that I've been drinking, you know, that I was not in my right place."

The comments were leaked to People magazine on the eve of the interview being aired. Fergie, who spoke to Winfrey at a secret location Los Angeles on Friday, returned home to the UK over the weekend to her supportive children Princesses Beatrice, 21, and Eugenie, 20.

(Image: Splash News)


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