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Hamptons Shark (Video) A Real Life Jaws Spotted Off Hamptons

By Staff
Jan 31, 2013

A shark in waters off the Hamptons has residents and the media excited, they have dubbed the female Great White shark a "real life Jaws."

Authorities are aware of the shark check out the video below, it's the tagging of the very shark that is near Long Island, NY.

Her name is Mary Lee, and the 16-foot Great White Shark has been sighted off the Hamptons.

The reason we know her name - she was tagged off the South Carolina coast by a research group and they are tracking her movements in the Atlantic.

The 3,500-pound shark really puts in the miles, according to an AP report, Mary Lee was off Long Island, N.Y, on Thursday and that was after a long swim from warmer waters.

Earlier, Mary Lee traveled as far south as Jacksonville Beach, Fla and remember, she was tagged in waters off the Carolina coast.

She was tagged with another female, 'Genie' in September and has been very active since then and she seems to stay near the coast.

The sharks were tagged by OCEARCH and founder Chris Fischer says, "Until now, many researchers have never gotten up close to a great white. And Mary Lee is the first shark in history we are able to track like this."

Watch the video below as they the Mary Lee and then let her go about her travels up and down the coast.

(Image: OCEARCH)

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