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Hispanics Leaving Arizona - Illegal Workers to Texas and California

Jun 14, 2010

Updated - Hispanics are leaving Arizona in high numbers as they flee the state before a new law is enforced that makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally. Indications are that the illegal workers are still looking to work in the US, but will try other states such as California and Texas to avoid law enforcement.

The first sign that the law was forcing illegal workers to "self-deport" and abandon the state shows up in local schools. In districts that are heavily Hispanic, enrollment is dropping for the upcoming school year.


Some argue that evidence is anecdotal, but it follows an earlier pattern of a tough law that caused about 100,000 illegal workers to move out of Arizona and into neighboring states.

In 2007, the state passed a tough employee sanctions law that could shutter businesses that continue to hire illegal workers.

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